Welcome to our TCBA Committees


TCBA offers members the opportunity to become a member of one or more of the special interest committees that function within the framework of the Bar Association. The following committees represent some of the areas served.


Each year the TCBA/TCBF will include a Committee Request Form in each Membership Packet that is mailed out. Members should complete and return their form promptly for committee consideration. You can also fill out our online form to request to be added to one of our committees.


Tulsa County Bar Foundation Committees:


Community Outreach

Provides volunteer lawyers to charitable or civic organizations and supports community projects including Habitat for Humanity and The Day Center for the Homeless.

Law Week

Responsible for the coordination of Law Week activities including  Ask-A-Lawyer, Lawyer in the Library, Student Programs, Poster contest, Law Day Luncheon, free public seminars and the Law Fair.

Golf Tournament

This fundraising event promotes fellowship and networking among the legal professional community, while supporting predetermined, approved charities.



Tulsa County Bar Association Committees:


Access to Justice

Supports, coordinates and advocates for civil justice in the community.

Animal Law

Educates members in the numerous areas where legal help is needed. Those who desire can then provide the community and local law enforcement agencies with knowledgeable advice and assistance in situations involving animals.

Bench & Bar (Court Operations)

A committee made up of judges, practitioners, professors and law students which promote civility, efficiency and professionalism within the court system. Ongoing projects include the Brown Bag CLE series, “Think Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness, the Judicial-Legislative Reception and such other projects and missions identified by the committee and approved by the TCBA President.

Children & the Law

Provides opportunities for lawyers to gain information and use their skills to help children in need, and for lawyers and non-lawyers involved in children’s issues to maintain regular contact with each other; with the goal of assuring that the legal system keeps, as its primary concern, the effect that the system’s actions have on children.


Makes available programs of high quality on the subjects of current and practical interest which qualify for continuing legal education credit.

Diversity Development

We are committed to developing diversity within the practice of law and the local Bar Association, providing guidance to firms engaging in diversity recruitment, and community outreach.  We service our community by participating in a community outreach programs focused on educating high school students about the path toward careers in the law, so that such students have an understanding of the legal profession, the contributions made by legal professionals to the community, and the academic and other requirements for becoming legal professionals.  We are committed to mentoring all students from underrepresented/minority communities with an interest in future legal careers.

Fee Arbitration

At no cost to lawyers or former clients, this Committee resolves disputes involving the amount or reasonableness of attorney fees and/or costs charged or to be charged by the lawyer for professional services for the benefit of the former client. Decisions of the Committee are binding upon the parties by reason of the agreement of the parties and may be enforced by subsequent court action. The arguments of the lawyer and former client are received by an Investigator selected by and from the Committee members. The Investigator interviews the parties and summarizes their positions and presents those positions to the Committee in a closed hearing that is not open to the public or the parties. Committee decisions are made by majority vote of a quorum of at least 12 persons including both attorneys and non-attorneys. This Committee does not resolve client grievances.”

Lawyer Referral Service

Supervises and oversees the panel of lawyers handling referrals from the public; establishes the rules and procedures of the panel; and maintains the programs to expand the public’s knowledge of the program.


Provides training seminars for Tulsa area teachers and lawyers to provide meaningful classroom activities, lesson plans and speakers about legal matters. Also provides speakers to community groups on various legal subjects of interest.

Legal Aid/Pro Bono

Coordinates Pro Bono services and programs in conjunction with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.

Long Range Planning

Under the direction of the president-elect, maps out the course for the TCBA for the next five years and presents the plans and ideas to the Board.

Membership Services

Recruits and encourages non-members to join and participate in the Association and develops programs, activities, and affinity partnership benefits for the members.


Coordinates mentoring and networking opportunities for new attorneys and law students. Mentor/Mentee Application can be found HERE.


Volunteer lawyers who help veterans merge back into civilian life and assist in legal issues.

Nominations & Awards

Chaired by the immediate Past President of TCBA and provides recognition of members for meritorious service and achievements in the practice of law, public and community service; recruit and nominate qualified members to serve in elective offices of the Association; and to count the ballots and oversee any challenge of any election.


Determine the appropriate criteria for recognizing ethics and professionalism in the practice of law and prepares brief articles on ethical practices for the Tulsa Lawyer.

Public Relations

To inform and educate the public of its rights and duties under our system of government and laws; to encourage good citizenship and civic participation by our members; and to publicize the service provided by our members to the community and our system of justice.

Publications/Tulsa Lawyer

Publishes monthly the Tulsa Lawyer, official publication of TCBA, including writing and editing articles and supplying photographs of general interest, and to obtain advertising to offset the cost thereof.

Young Lawyers Committee

All members of the Tulsa County Bar Association who are in good standing and who were admitted to practice law within the past 10 years are automatically YLD members.  The YLD provides Tulsa County young lawyers with opportunities for networking, business and professional development, community service and bar-related projects, and encourages young lawyers to have a voice in our association.  Through these opportunities, it is the YLD’s goal to train and develop bar leadership for the future.