Mission Statement

The Tulsa County Bar Association is a valuable resource for both the legal profession as well as for members of the Tulsa community. From continuing legal education and support services, to our lawyer referral services, we’re dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals, and to promoting public awareness and keeping the legal system accessible to all.

“A commitment to outstanding service for its members and for the community…”

tulsa county bar association historyThe Tulsa County Bar Association (TCBA), with just ten members, took on that challenge at its first meeting on October 3, 1903. Today our membership exceeds 2,200 attorneys, and the TCBA is one of the premier legal service and education groups in the country.

Our growth and steadily increasing effectiveness are a result of continuing effort and refining of the services we offer to the community and our members. A voluntary organization whose members donate their time, TCBA has been recognized nationally for our innovative and successful community programs.

By providing assistance with legal services to the poor and the individual in need of help, the TCBA fills a crucial need in the community. In the heart of the city at 15th and Boston, the TCBA headquarters location is convenient for the public as well as for our members.

The Tulsa County Bar Association continues to meet the challenge those ten members assumed so many years ago. Individual Tulsans of all ages, ethnic groups and backgrounds, as well as the community as a whole, benefit daily from the dedication of our members.

A Board of Directors governs the activities of the TCBA. It is made up of the Executive Committee, which includes the Association’s president, president-elect, vice president, treasurer, secretary,  immediate past president and the budget chair. The TCBA executive director, federal presiding judge, district presiding judge, ABA delegate, TU Law School Dean, committee chairmen, section chairmen, the Law Library Trustee and eight directors at large which are elected by the membership, complete the Board.

TCBA Members click here to view TCBA By-Laws

Tulsa County Bar Foundation

The Tulsa County Bar Foundation, through its educational and charitable efforts, is continuing to expand our role of keeping the legal system accessible.

By providing seminars on topics of concern to public, the Foundation not only informs citizens concerning their rights, but also educates on the role of the judicial system an the use of alternative forms of the judicial system and the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution as a means to settle and resolve their disputes. The Foundation also sponsors and promotes the annual Law Week, its most visible public event. Activities include a law fair, court tours, mock trials, school poster contest, and speakers for school and civic groups. The Ask-A-Lawyer and Lawyer in the Library programs allows the public access to a lawyer for answers to legal questions without legal expense.

Through charitable donations to organizations such as Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Tulsa Lawyers for Children and the TU Law Clinic, the Foundation fills a critical need in the community in assuring that those individuals in need of legal assistance have a place to turn regardless of financial ability.