**Important 2019 Update: Oklahoma Bar Association members are no longer limited to a total of 6 on-demand credits per year for compliance periods after 2018.**


2019 Annual Criminal Law Materials:

Session 1: Forfeiture Law with James Dunn, Tulsa Co. Assistant District Attorney

Session 2: Expungements with Beverly A. Atteberry, Attorney at Law

Session 3: Jury Selection with Ben Fu, Swab & Stall (materials to be posted upon reciept)

Session 4: Criminal Law & Immigration Impact - A Primer with Marvin Lizama, Attorney at Law

Session 5: Plea Negotiations & Mitigation with Sabah S. Khalaf, The Khalaf Law Firm, PLLC

Session 6: Criminal Justice Reform Issues with Glen Blake and Stuart Southerland, Tulsa Co. Public Defenders Office - Attachment 1 and Attachment 2

Session 7: ODAYSL and ORAS with Family & Children Services





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