Law Day 2021 Symposium


2021 Virtual Law Day Symposium
Presented by the Tulsa County Bar Foundation

9:00 AM -1:00 PM

Law Day Theme
The American Bar Association’s theme for Law Day this year is Advancing the Rule of Law Now. The rule of law is the foundation of United States. The idea that every person is treated equally under the law and that no one is above the law. The ABA has invited local bar associations to engage in a conversation about what Advancing the Rule of Law means in their community.  The ABA asks: What is the rule of law? What is power under the rule of law? How has the rule of law shaped and sustained us? How might the rule of law shape our future? The Tulsa County Bar Association’s celebration of Law Day is two-fold. First, in our community, Tulsa is currently recognizing and commemorating 100 years since the Tulsa Race Massacre. We invite and encourage you to attend those events. But, while we, as a local community commemorate the injustice, lives, economic loss, and devastation of a community, the TCBA is also looking forward in the ways we can answer the call to defend liberty and pursue justice.  Our celebration of Law Day is also a call to action because we, as attorneys, each share the responsibility to promote the rule of law.

Symposium Session I:
Avoiding Unintentional Exclusivity: How the Language We Use Matters (Even When We Don’t Mean It That Way)
Presented by Tom Vincent II, Shareholder at GableGotwals in Tulsa, OK, and Candice Pace, Director of Development and Communications, Oklahoma Bar Foundation.
(1.5 OKMCLE Credit Hour)

Exclusion, whether intentional or unintentional, has a real effect on those being excluded. Most of us have good intentions when it comes to interacting and connecting with others from different backgrounds, but well-meaning people can participate in exclusion without realizing it. Learn to recognize why the language we use in our communications matters and how to avoid unintentional exclusivity, and how to make positive changes in your organization’s usage of language, with Tulsa attorney, Tom Vincent, from GableGotwals, and Candice Pace of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.

Symposium Session II:
Let’s Talk About IT: Avoiding Micro-Aggressions and Managing Implicit Bias
Presented by Keith & Dana Cutler, Partners at James W. Tippin & Associates, Kansas City, MO.
(1.5 OKMCLE Credit Hour)

2020 brought to the forefront the racial challenges that the country faces, including in the legal profession. Microaggressions affect us all, but as bar members and leaders, we play a key role in addressing them. Speakers Dana and Keith Cutler, of Cutler Cultural Consulting and the Emmy-award nominated television show,Couples Court with the Cutlers, will show you how to manage our implicit biases and how to spot microaggressive and provide advice for how to turn microaggressions intro microaffirmations.

Law Day Presentation
Join the TCBF Law Week Committee for its annual Liberty Bell Award, Brunton-Will CLE Award, and Sandra Day O’Connor Award announcements as well as a special presentation from Keynote Speakers, Phil Armstrong and Hannibal Johnson, Esq, from the from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission.



This year's event will be held virtually via Zoom


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