If You Think You Have a Legal Problem… DON’T TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR RIGHTS!

The Lawyer Referral Service is an easy way to get a ½ hour legal consultation for only $25.00!


TCBA Lawyer Referral Service

PLEASE READ: Fill in all of the requested information below in order to receive your referral. You will receive an email from us containing the names/contact information of two attorneys in the area of law that concerns you. It will then be up to you to contact the attorneys. The Referral Service is closed on weekends and holidays.

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There is a $25.00 referral fee paid to the Lawyer Referral Service + (All credit card payments will include a 2.75% convenience fee at checkout.)

  1. You do not currently have a lawyer for this matter.
  2. We will locate a lawyer who handles the area of law that you need. It is up to you to contact the attorney and let them know you received the referral through the Tulsa County Bar Association Referral Service.
  3. You will receive a 30 minute consultation with the attorney by phone.
  4. There is no charge from the lawyer for this consultation.
  5. There is no obligation that you must hire the lawyer.
  6. There is no obligation that the lawyer must take your case.
  7. Should you hire the lawyer, it will be at a rate or fee agreed upon between you and the lawyer. We cannot determine what the attorney’s fees are. WE DO NOT PROVIDE PRO BONO ATTORNEYS.
  8. All information provided here and at the lawyer’s office is confidential.
  9. Once you have received a reply from the Lawyer Referral Service with the contact information of two attorneys, the Lawyer Referral Service has completed its obligation to you.

By providing us your information and credit card information you agree to the above terms and conditions.

The attorneys on our Lawyer Referral Service have agreed to accept consultations about the area of law that concerns you. You will receive a ½ hour phone consultation with a TULSA lawyer. The initial consultation gives you time to ask questions about your problem, receive legal advice, and arrange for further legal work if necessary. You are under no obligation to hire the lawyer, and if you do not have a legal problem, you will be so informed. If you do choose to hire the attorney, it will be at a fee agreed upon by you and the attorney.


Lawyer Referral Service

  • We will contact you by email. Please check your Junk or Spam folders if you have not received a reply within 1 business day (excluding holidays).
  • Opposing Attorney

    Please provide the name of the opposing Firm or name(s) of the opposing attorney(s) if known.
  • Area of Law

    Please select your area of law and provide a short description of your case.
  • Please tell us how you were referred to our service?
  • Price: $25.00
  • Your Total: $25 + a 2.75% convenience fee at checkout (Total: $25.69). Please make corrections and/or add any missing information. Incorrect or missing information may cause a delay in Registration and/or result in incorrect charges. If you have any questions, please E-mail juliec@tulsabar.com

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